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QR codes (simple/old) everywhere – but what are they good for?

QR codes (simple/old) everywhere – but what are they good for?

The QR (quick response) code is a two-dimensional bar code, which can be read by any smartphone using a free reader program. It establishes a link with the product or service in question and the information available online. With its help, the information you want to disclose to others is available immediately after the scan without having to search for anything. As the English term suggests, you can get a quick response from anyone that comes across your code. Due to it being so user-friendly, it is spreading more and more to cover all areas of life. Its advantage is that the information you want to deliver can be done easily as there is no need to enter web addresses or to call phone numbers, it is enough to scan the code using a free QR code scanner program and you immediately have the required data and information. It is cost-effective and can be placed onto any surface. (placards, fliers, product packaging, business cards, discount cards etc.)

- For human eyes all QR codes are same, not are any difference
- The PC-oriented websites visible on mobile phone, but difficuiles, always left, right, up, down, impracticable.

- This is a fix connection
- There are few data about users. Only the server level

Smart-QR code – Keep your codes alive with us!

The so-called Smart-QR Code gives you a newly found innovative opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your campaign and marketing.The Smart QR Code is a unique solution that enables you to rather uniquely change or modify the online content the code stands for. Only your imagination can limit its countless fields of use as the contents of QR Codes created in the S-QR system can easily be modified on a user-friendly interface by entering different parameters. The system lets you change the online content periodically and in any way you wish while leaving the printed code unchanged on your fliers, publications, billboards, etc. Thus you can react to changes in the course of your campaign, and you can convey multiple information content in a very cost effective way, since there is no need to print new materials if you want to change the online content the code refers to (e.g. daily deals for hotels, etc.). You can still reach your clients and partners any time using the S-QR codes without having to generate a new code and send it to them.This system opens up new perspectives in the field of both online and offline marketing, helping you to fundamentally change and make your marketing or any other material more effective and provide your customers with up-to-date information. This can not be done using traditional static QR codes.

-colors, shapes, pictures, effect,
- web Url’s
-running time
- counters typ.
- location detection
- Language
- Forget/not forget User
- on line/real time usage data

With the rapid development of mobile technology, more and more QR codes appearing in all walks of life. The module of the unique QR code generator of the S-QR system provides an option to turn a traditional black and white square-shaped QR code into an eye-catching QR code, which can also function as a unique corporate identity. Customized QR codes can grab the visitors’ attention more, you can bring them closer to your advertisements and offer to encourage them to use the unique code, to scan it, thus enhancing their effectiveness. Campaigns can be more successful due to the use of colourful, eye-catching, custom-designed codes as everyone would want to know what is “behind” themUsing your logo and your colours in the codes as profile elements displays a sense of assurance for people to use them. It is also an excellent tool to maximise your customers’ confidence in your brand and to strengthen your brand identity.
The unique QR Code Generator is available for our clients from the S-QR system.