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Mobile websites – Mini Site System



Mobile websites – Mini site system / efficient, mobile optimized mini-sites

Increase the effectiveness of your campaign or advertising taking advantage of the S-QR system’s opportunities using the site building system optimized for optional mobile devices! Using our mobile optimized mini site building system you can easily generate mini sites for your campaign thus making it even more unique and more direct. Make people interested by creating mini sites for your individual deals and offers where the necessary information can be accessed quickly. The mini-sites can be personalized or edited at any time. Using your S-QR code you can simultaneously move your customers and visitors among your mini sites, thus increasing the scope and success of your campaign


Marketing campaigns often face the problem that it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of the money spent. Our system offers a solution as there is an option to monitor and see any feedback.
Keep track of your S-QR code usage taking advantage of our integrated analytical system and if necessary, modify your campaign to control its course. You can export your tracking data from our system.